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2020-2021 Season 11

Fall Class Schedule!!

I'm so happy to be posting our fall schedule.. I wasn't sure we'd make it but here we are, with a few changes

This is our tentative schedule, we will start out with this and if more classes need to be added we can look at it. We will have limited spaces per class this year, as per our provincial health recommendations.

Have some questions? We've complied some frequently asked questions.


How to register?

- Please fill out the form by clicking the "Registration Form" button. 


How many students can be in a class?

- We are able to have 49 students per class under the current recommendations of 50 or under that don't need to be physically distant; however, we are still distancing each dancer as best we can by limiting our class sizes to 12 in most cases. After we have filled a class, we will put you on a wait list. If a space opens up we can email you after you have sent in the registration form.


Will I, or my child, have to wear a mask under the current mandatory mask regulations in public spaces?

- Yes.. and no. Masks are required upon entering the building, while in the wait areas, change areas, bathrooms and hallways. Once the student has entered the dance space, masks are not required, but will still be accepted if you deem it the best option for your family.


What about credit gained from last year ending early?

- All credits from last year will automatically be applied to your account for this year's term.


Does the pricing include taxes?

- Taxes are extra. I am looking at how to do an all inclusive package again this year, this info will be included on the online form. Also for competitive classes, that pricing includes a separate ballet/technique class.


Any further questions? Please send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Happy planning your fall schedule!!

We can't wait to see you back in the studio!!!!

Come share your love of dance with us !!