Dance Camps can include instruction in a combination of technique, jazz, contemporary, musical theare, acro and hip hop.


*Classes run year long from September to the end of May, split up into five payment sessions, 6 weeks at a time, with payments due the dates of  September 1, October 13, January 4, February 22, April 5. A charge of $15 will be added to any NSF cheque. Cash, E-transfer and Cheque are accepted. 

*March Break We will take two weeks vacation for March Break 

*Taxes are extra

*All Inclusive Package - Pay $315 taxes incl. every six weeks, and attend as many classes as you like!

*Costume rentals are $25/costume up to $200 and are due with January payment. There is also the option of purchasing the costume for $100/ea; if costumes are not returned by the deadline, it will be assumed you wish to purchase them and will be invoiced.  

*Recital will be tentatively set for a weekend the end of May

*Our annual production is "Miss Carla's Christmas Spectacular" we are currently trying to negotiate a tentative weekend.

*REGISTRATION will be done online this year! Click the link here:

*Cancellations Classes will not necessarily be cancelled if school is cancelled due to weather.  Please check the Facebook Site for any postings on cancellations.  If classes are cancelled due to any other reason than weather, an email will be sent by noon the day of. Classes can be made up at any time throughout the entire dance year, and will only be made up after two classes have been missed.

*Holidays we will not be taking any days off for holidays this year.

Please add and to your contacts as all communications are done by email!!!


Following the BATD ballet syllabus, students are placed in a grade by age and ability. Focusing on technique and musicality, it is the foundation for all other styles and is highly recommended for all serious dancers.




With levels in beginner, intermediate and advanced.  We build on the strong basis of ballet with a free and expressive movement. 



Following the BATD jazz syllabus, technique is a focus.  An upbeat and lively class with modern music.



Yes this class is back!! Everyone is welcome to come learn how to dance, act and lip sync to classic and new broadway songs.  Be a triple threat!



Pre-selected students will have an extra class a week where we will focus on technique in many different styles.  These classes are for those who have a passion for dance and who wish to learn more throughout the year.  It will help them prepare for competitive teams and give them an edge over recreational classes alone. 

My wish is that the extra training drives them to do better, be better, and become the dancers they wish to be, and to ultimately prepare them to move up to competitive teams. 













We focus on flexibility in the hips and back mostly, learning acrobatic tricks and applying to music.





Learn to dance like the do in music videos. A fun and high energy class.  Classes for boys only as well





Learn to create rhythm and patterns with your feet! Express your personality in a new and clever way with one of the classic ways to dance.  





Auditions are held the first Saturday of June.  Teams compete in multiple competitions throughout the year in an array of styles.



This class helps develop a dancer's creative movement style by allowing free forms and flows of movements.  Never conforming to any standards but telling a story through dance nonetheless.


Dancers continue to build strength in ankles with exercises at the barre, as well as, in the centre en pointe. Choreography is also a portion of the class. Pointe shoes required